1 Cinema
STUDIO 1 Cinema

A large pavilion with a total area of 600 square meters.

The studio has three cycloramas designed:

▪ black corner cyclorama;

▪ white longitudinal angle cyclorama;

▪ angle CHROMAKEY-cyclorama with an absolutely monochromatic coating.

Additional decorated locations are also prepared.


The main purpose of the studio is advertising and music videos.

Here you can implement commercials, photo projects, shows, master classes, workshops, parties and other events.

Above each location, a suspension system is designed - can withstand at least 250 kg.

For shooting and other events on the location, you can create large-scale scenery.

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The area of ​​the pavilion - 560 sq.m .;
Width - 20m;
Length - 28m;
Height to ceiling - 5,5 m;
Height to suspension system - 5 m;
Height to beams - 4m;
Max permissible power - 75kW;
Max permissible load on the beams of the suspension - 250kg;
Air conditioning system - there;
Heating system - electric bulbs;
Method of hanging equipment - scaffold;
Internet — yes;
Sources of natural light - none;
Ability to record live sound - yes;
Drain ladders - yes.


Black cyclorama - 9m * 7m;
White cyclorama - 8m * 20m;
Chromakey-cyclorama - 7m * 7m;
Aquazone - 7m * 7m.



▪ Minimum lease time - 3 hours. If you have more than 10 people in the team,  we charge additional 15% of the rental cost to the studio.

▪ An added cost of 30% is charged for renting the studio at night - from 22:00 to 8:00.

▪ charges for electricity supply from the electricity grid of the studio 220V and 380V in the amount of 4,5 UAH / kW are charged.

▪ For damaged studio property (equipment, furniture, things, bags of seats), the customer bears material liability for the value of the property.

▪ Lighting equipment is not included in the rental price of the location, but is paid separately.

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▪ The studio can be booked only after 50% of the payment is made.
▪ The charge step to extend the lease is 60 minutes.



▪ cancellation of the lease is possible no later than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the lease.
▪ If the order is canceled in less than 48 hours, the lessee pays 50% of the rental price, and if canceled in less than 24 hours — 100%.
▪ If the shooting is canceled not for the fault of the studio, the prepayment can not be returned.

How to work in our studio without any remarks?

▪ In the winter, you can only go to the studio in a changing shoe (in your own or use bowls at the entrance)
▪ There can be no more than 8 people in the dressing room at a time
▪ It`s strictly forbidden to bring food and drinks to the pavilion, if it is not provided for shooting and is not agreed with the administration. You can eat in the catering area in the reception room
▪ Smoking in our studio is possible only if is required by the scenic image of the model (strictly with the consent of the administration). You can smoke outside on the floor above, on the roof and outdoors.
▪ Drinking alcohol in our studio is prohibited
▪ The customer undertakes to comply with all rules of fire safety, sanitary norms, rules of exploitation of buildings, engineering equipment, rules of public order, safety rules

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We have the longest-angle white cyclorama in Kyiv. Its lower radial bend is 1.25 m. The cyclrorama is covered with acrylic paint containing rubber chips.

Thus, we have created an absolutely uniform coating, which gives the minimum reflex and perfectly interacts with filtering lighting devices.

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We rent a large angular black cyclorama with a lower radial bend of 1.25m.

It is suitable for many tasks. Optionally, you can create here a "black office" for shooting 180 degrees.

Painted in dark-graphite matte color, cyclorama creates the effect of a complete "fallen" background.


We provide the largest rigid angular chromakey-cyclorama in Kiev with a lower radial bend in 50cm. Evenly painted with matte acrylic paint with a specific shade (according to the RAL-table).

Advantages of the rigid chromakey-location of SP Studio:

  • the surface does not reflect
  • light is evenly distributed along the plane
  • rigid construction is not vulnerable to paper and textiles
Рир (Хромокей) циклорама 14м | Аренда РИР | РИР циклорама | Аренда зеленки | | Циклорама в Киеве | Видеосъемка на циклораме |

An additional advantage

You can increase the cyclorama`s size and change its form. For this purpose, it is possible to use, in particular, pseudo-walls in colors of cyclorama.

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That`s a grunge location with plaster surface.
Its sides are 6.5 m and 7 m. Height of ceilings to the suspension system is 5 m.
Aquazone has a system of the "artificial rain" as well.

Characteristics of aquazone

  • 4 schemes of water supply
  • you can regulate the temperature of water
  • you can regulate the pressure
  • the pressure is regulated
  • two sinks
  • you can imitate a pool
  • special suspension system for safe operation with electrical appliances
  • you can use the are for group shooting
  • you can create a "black office"

Rent rules

The start of the studio is considered to be the time claimed by the customer, and not the actual start time of the shooting. Coming late to the shooting does not reduce the total cost of services.

The end of the studio rent is the time when the tenant and all his team, scenery and equipment leave the studio.

Extension of the rental time of the studio is possible only if the location is not ordered by anyone else.

For pre-term shooting, the booked time is fully paid.

After finishing the shooting in the rented premises, all requisite must be given to the administrator. Garbage created during shooting (with the use of down, snow, hay, confetti, etc.), should be removed before the expiry of the rental lease of the shooting pavilion.

In other cases a cleaning fee of 600 hryvnas is charged.

What`s forbidden to do on our cycloramas

  • working without changing shoes *
  • stepping on radial sections
  • leaning to the vertical sections of cycloramas
  • throwing the heavy objects with sharp edges on the floor
  • "drawing" with your shoes on the floor. It is necessary to sift soles with a tape
  • walking barefoot
  • pulling tripods, racks, pedestals, furniture, scenery, etc through the floor. You can carry it or, if it is predicted, roll it on roller stands

Cost of additional actions with a cyclorama

  • *cleaning cycloramas - 100 UAH / m2
  • additional painting - 1500 UAH
  • cyclorama restoration - 500 UAH / m2

If liquid is spilled on the floor, immediately call the administrator. He will eliminate a slippery puddle.

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