Additional features
Additional features

It so happened that we do not stand still and will always improve our locations for the video industry ...

We listen and listen to your every suggestion and wish.


  • One of the most unique opportunities for all our clients is to change the location for your tasks

We can completely change the look of our locations for your tasks. The cost is discussed after the approval of tasks.

Also, if necessary, we can involve our ART DEPARTMENT - MATERIA, which in turn will be able to fill any location with props and decorations, provide qualified personnel for installation and dismantling of decorations. Personnel maintenance staff, production artist with a team of directors, props, decorators, etc.


Details by phone.; +38 073 159 79 74

  • It's no secret that we have a great opportunity to repaint cyclora in any color.

We do this very often! Paint all or part of the cyclorama in the color you want.
For many, this is a unique opportunity, because each project is unique and inimitable.

The whole process takes almost 3 days.

The cost is discussed after the approval of tasks.


Details by phone.; +38 098 120 17 12

  • If you need to arrange rain on the location, it is also possible!

In one of the pavilions SP1 there is a space with an artificial rain system.

Characteristics of aquazone:
- 4 схеми подачі води;
- temperature control;
- pressure regulation;
- два зливи;
- можливість імітувати басейн;
- особлива система підвісу з урахуванням безпечної роботи з електроприладами;
- площа порядку 50м2, що дозволяє вести групову зйомку;
- можливість створення чорного кабінету;.


Details by phone.; +38 098 120 17 12