Your questions / Our answers

We are asked the same questions every day.
Here you will find detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions from you :)

  • Do you have one or more pavilions?
  • Can I book a location, under the pencil? OK?

You can book a specific free date (or several)!

But the final reserve will be yours only after 50% prepayment. And you can choose a free date six months before filming.

  • I want 2 days, the first I will build the scenery. What is the price?

We know what the construction of the scenery is, so if you plan to build the scenery 1 day before the shooting, this day is charged -50% of 100% of the price list.

  • Do you rent lighting equipment?

Our pavilions are not equipped with lighting equipment.

But! We can advise you the best specialists who, in addition to renting lighting equipment, will help you decide on lighting schemes and fully support your project during the filming - from delivery to the pavilion, assembly and installation, to tips on how to do everything right. Call!

  • Do you have to pay for painting with cyclora in another color?

To give you 1 day to rent a pavilion with a cyclorama in a color other than the original white, we actually give 3 days:

  1. day to repaint in your color and drying with chlorine
  2. day for your shooting
  3. day on repainting back in white and drying

By default, we provide a rental pavilion with a white cyclorama. White cyclorama is included in the rental price, you do not need to pay extra for the color.

Repaint with cyclora in any color other than white, check by phone;
+38098 120 17 12 or +38063 598 37 06

We also repaint the cyclorama at will in chromakey - blue or green. Also check the cost of repainting by phone; +38098 120 17 12 or +38063 598 37 06