• Staff
  • Props
  • Disposal
  • Devices


Our goal is to help the customer at any stage of video production at the time of renting our pavilions.

If you urgently need staff to maintain the set, administrators, assistants, directors, helpers and loaders.

You can order this service by contacting the administration.


We have formed our own props warehouse, now you can not look for props and not spend money on logistics props in the pavilion and back.

Just look and choose.


Disposal of decorative waste, now you can not worry about where to put your decorations, no need to look for a place to take them, no need to spend money on logistics.

We will do all this for you!


Devices for the shooting process

We try for our customers as we can, we have recently had a platform 360 (rotating (rotating) stand).

You can always use it to implement your projects.

When it comes to renting a rotating podium, check with the studio administration.