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SP Studio is a company that provides space for creative tasks. This is the only complex of studios in Kiev of 16 locations within. Locations are stylistically different and are concentrated on two banks of Kiev: on the left bank that`s Art & Media Space [SP1] and on the right — Industrial Space [SP2].
  • SP 1
  • SP 2

SP Studio - Art & Media Space complex is located on the left bank of Kiev. It consists of eight locations with different parameters.

These locations are separated, so Art & Media Space`s guests can arrange several projects at a time, with no inconvenience in their project`s space.

In the complex there are a dressing room for 4 workplaces, a mobile MUAplace, a meeting room, a dressing room, a catering area, a lounge area, a VIP catering area, a storage hall, a whirlpool and a shower room.

The space is condited, so making art in SP Studio is comfortable at any time of the year.

Guests of SP Studio can also take advantage of a cargo elevator, storage facilities and parking, which is guarded at all times.

SP Studio - Movie Space

SP 2 - Съемочная локация разбита на 4 павильона, общей площадью более 2000 м2 и высотой потолков от 6 до 10 метров, с самой большой белой циклорамой в Украине.

Схема павильона  [SP 2]