SP Studio is the only complex of studios in Kiev, which includes 13 locations with a total area of ​​more than 6000 square meters. The complex consists of two: Art & Media Space [SP1] and Industrial Space [SP2]. We have a lot of props and furniture from the subsidiary company Materia Art Dep and partners, you can create scenery for shooting at any location of the complex.

On a huge cyclorram in the studio Art & Media Space 1 Cinema you can shoot commercials, music videos, promos and photo projects. Also we help organize shooting on the background of our and industrial facade, against the backdrop of the nearest construction sites and in the service station. Pavilions can also be rented for events: master classes, workshops, screenings, presentations and others. The main locations in SP1 occupy from 50 to 600 square meters, there are five of them.

In SP1 can shoot several teams at once, pavilions are separated, there are no columns inside the complex. In some halls you can build large scenery due to high ceilings and wide space.

In SP2, that is, in Industrial Space, you can organize large-scale and long-term shootings, for example, series. Here the shooting pavilions are equipped with an industrial and interior bias. Industrial premises in SP2, we did not alter, but just threw out garbage from there — because of years of lack of repairs in some pavilions now is a real grunge.

In the Industrial Space, there are seven locations ranging from 50 to 2,000 square meters.

Story Z
The Idea. The Dream

In 2008, Yuri Sviridov founded the video production Studio Perfomance. He understood video production and directing and realized that digital technologies would soon become more popular. And he was very inspired by the offices of Google and Facebook.

Yuri wanted for video production more than it was then in the studios of Kiev. His production was located in the micro-office on Syrets. The entrepreneur began to look for rent bigger and more profitable space — in industrial zones. For five years, Yuri could not find a suitable place, because somewhere in the middle of the hall stood columns, somewhere the shape of the space was not the same, somewhere unsuitable height had the ceiling, weak electric lines, inadequate water pipes and so on.

Yuri found a former printing house on the Left Bank. No columns in the middle of the hall, excellent ceilings. The entrepreneur was delighted with the amenities and design of the room. Here he decided to create a place for productive work, which he dreamed of for five years.

Construction. Remake, fail, remake

In January 2014, in the former premises of the printing house, we began to build an office, and in March we started the studio. Now this is the largest studio in SP1 — Studio 1 Cinema. Yuri designed the premises himself.

Before the renovation, the office and Studio 1 Cinema were one room. For comfort, we broke it into zones, built walls, shifted the floor and replaced the electrical wiring.

Everywhere in the room there were windows. This created excessive illumination, which would interfere with the implementation of tasks in the pavilion, so the windows were blocked with false walls.

Next it was necessary to build cyclorams. Yuri trusted the advice and covered the cycloramas with the same material as the false walls. The advice was incorrect, the surface of the cyclorama was swollen. The building was dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.


We spent about two years on building SP Studio - Art & Media Space. The space was opened in May 2015 and became the largest film set with cyclorames and chromakey in Kiev. The total area of SP1 is more than one and a half thousand square meters.

Now there is a creative place for figures of the photo and video industry, as well as for trandsetters of fashion and advertising.

We offer our customers unique and modern pavilions, so on average once every two months Materia Art Dep does at least a cosmetic repair of the complex.

Getting bigger

Yuri reseached the needs of video industry professionals and realized they lacked large-scale industrial locations for large projects.

In January 2018, we took up the second complex on the right bank of Kiev — Industrial Space.

Previously, in the place of SP2 were the abandoned buildings of one of the Kiev enterprises, and now there is everything for an even larger and longer video production. The first project was filmed there in mid-May.

Закрытие SP 2

В конце октября 2019 года Юрием Свиридовым – генеральным директором SP Media Group, было принято решение закрыть студию SP2 на правом берегу [SP Studio — Industrial Space]. 

В стенах этой студии успели снять свои клипы практически весь украинский шоу-бизнес и не только.

Джамала, Иван Дорн, Alyona Alyona, ЛУНА, KARNA, АГОНЬ, Злата Огневич, Alina Pash, Александр Усик, Open Kids, ЯнГо, ВОРОНА множество тв-шоу и множество международных компаний. 

Данный проект просуществовал 2 года! За это время в студии было снято более 80 клипов и более 150 коммерческих роликов и телепроектов. 

 «В жизни каждой компании наступает период "уперлись в потолок", я почувствовал, что SP Studio в плотную подбирается к данному периоду. 
Все хорошее рано или поздно заканчивается и в какой-то момент, ко мне пришло осознание того, что локации в Industrial Space просто изжили себя в творческом плане, такое случается. А мы привыкли предоставлять только лучшие продукты и услуги на рынке, в котором существуем уже далеко не первый год. 
Индустрия развивается, и мы соответственно не стоим на месте, поэтому время творить что-то новое. Иногда приходится сделать шаг назад, чтобы без препятствий рвануть вперед и сделать еще больше.

А пока, я говорю всем, кто выбирает SP Studio огромное спасибо!!! Благодаря Вам я знаю, что нужно нашей индустрии. Творите и вытворяйте!» - Юрий Свиридов.