2 Light
STAGE 2 Light
  • There are two cycloras in the pavilion
  • One is longitudinal, the other is U-shaped

The total area of ​​the pavilion is 250m2


  • Large U-shaped white cyclorama 20 m with a radial bend of 80 cm.  


  • Cyclorama Chromakey (length) 18 m with a radial bend of 80 cm
  • Hard surface that does not reflect light;
White cyclorama | Location for a photo shoot cyclorama in Kiev Cyclorama rental price Cyclorama Hall Seamless cyclorama in Kiev photo studio with cyclorama cyclorama Kyiv
  • The cost of renting a pavilion with a cyclorama

Price for 1 hour, UAH

- White cyclorama U-shaped [20 m] – 500 UAH;

- CHROMAKEY [18м] – 600 UAH;

- All location – 600 UAH;

Rental price per day (24h)*

- All location – 7 000 UAH; + 1000 UAH; cleaning (obligatory for rent per day)

* Day (24h) from 6:00 to 6:00 next day.


▪  Minimum rental time – 5h. 
▪  There is an additional charge of 15% for renting a studio with a team of 30 people and 20% for renting a studio with a team of 50 people. (Does not apply when renting a pavilion per day)
▪  There is a 30% surcharge for renting a studio at night, which runs from 22:00 until 07:00. (Does not apply when renting a pavilion per day)
▪  There is a charge for DC power supply from the 220V or 380V studio power supply in the amount of UAH 8 / kW. 
▪  For damage to studio property (equipment, furniture, things, armchairs-bags) the customer is liable in the amount of the value of the property.
▪  There is no lighting equipment.
▪  Mandatory cleaning of the pavilion.   (Relevant when renting a pavilion per day)

▪ Reservations are made only after an advance payment of 50% of the order value. Reservations are not possible without prepayment.
▪ Charging step during the rental is 60 minutes. (Does not apply to daily rent)
▪ Cancellation of the studio lease is possible no later than 48 hours before the lease. If canceled, the down payment will not be refunded, and if canceled in less than 24 hours & ndash; 100% of the cost of the ordered time is paid.
▪ If the shooting was not the fault of the studio, the subscription is non-refundable.


The area of ​​the pavilion is 250sq.m.;

Usable area - 220sq.m.;
Width - 15m;
Length - 18m;
Height to the ceiling - 5m;
Height to the suspension system - 4.5m;
Height to the beams - 3.8m;
Max. permissible power - 75 kW;
Max. permissible load on the suspension beams - 250kg;
Air conditioning system - yes;
Heating system - electric (in winter);
Method of equipment suspension - scaffolding;
The Internet - yes;
Natural light sources - no;

Chromakey studio rental | studio with Green Cycling Video studio with chromakey chromakey Kyiv rent cyclorama RIR rent Kyiv |
  • What it looks like STAGE 2 LIGHT

In the gallery you will see photos STAGE 2 Light from all possible angles. 
But, there is nothing better than scouting!

See you soon!

  • The pavilion has a MAKEUP room

MakeUp room (on 1 post)
- MakeUp room rental for 1 hour -  100 UAH

(When renting a pavilion for a day for FREE)

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